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Ohio's state and local tax ranking has generated considerable attention in the aftermath of 2005's tax
reform legislation (H.B. 66). These 3 papers assess Ohio's tax ranking and critique the Tax Foundation
methodology for evaluating Ohio's system.
Howard Fleeter has conducted numerous economic impact analyses in Ohio. Included here are reports
completed for Honda of America, the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, and Nine Library Systems in
Southwestern Ohio.
Howard Fleeter has more than 20 years of experience analyzing school funding in Ohio. Included here
is analysis of the estimated cost of implementing the "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) Act in Ohio,
analysis of School District Operating Levies in Ohio from 1994 through 2012, and examination of HB
920's property tax rollbacks on school funding in Ohio.
Howard Fleeter and Bill Driscoll prepared a series of reports for the Ohio Department of Education
analyzing the Condition of Teacher Supply and Demand in Ohio.
The two reports found here examine Ohio's provision of long term care services. Ohio ranks near the
bottom nationally in terms of the share of Medicaid long term care spending devoted to home and
community based care as opposed to nursing facility care.
Economic Analysis and
Public Policy Research
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Reports included here are those prepared by Howard Fleeter, Driscoll & Fleeter, and Levin, Driscoll &
Bill Driscoll and Howard Fleeter have conducted research on library levies, the Public Library Fund, and
variety of other topics for the Ohio Library Council (OLC) for many years.