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H.B. 218 was legislation to provide propety tax exemptions for new wind and solar energy installations.
This testimony provides analysis of the effects of such legislation and provides historical background
on prior energy related tax policy changes in Ohio.
H.B. 400 was legislation that would phase out Ohio's state income tax over a 10 year period. This
testimony provides objective analysis of Ohio's tax system in order to provide a context for
consideration of a phase-out of the state's income tax.
Driscoll & Fleeter's review and critique of the report "Restoring Prosperity: Transforming Ohio's
Communities for the Next Economy" prepared by the Brookings Institution and Greater Ohio Police
Center. One chapter of this report discusses collaboration between and consolidation of local
governments in Ohio.
Economic Analysis and
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This report provides a cost/benefit analysis of Ohio's policy change to require prior authorization of
atypical antipsychotic medications for Ohio Medicaid fee for service patients. The report estimates that
the costs of this policy in terms of adverse effects on patients outweigh the expected savings by nearly